•    The contract is any agreement between the client and company, for the supply of a mobile bar service detailed within the contract. 
•    The client is any individual, company or organisation that the company is contracted to supply a mobile bar service to. 
•    The company is ‘First Line Event Bars’ part of ‘First Line Group Services Ltd’ (Registration No. 5271224).
•    By making a payment/ deposit for a mobile bar service, you are accepting our Terms & Conditions. 


•    We require a £100.00 security deposit when booking a bar service. Your payment will be cashed or debited at the time of making the booking and will be refunded to              you after your event has taken place.
•    A booking is not confirmed until we have received the £100.00 security deposit. 
•    If the number of adult guests attending your function is considerably less than what was communicated and agreed with the company, we may retain your deposit. 
•    A deposit will be retained if the client breaches any of the conditions stated in the ‘Service’ section of these terms and conditions.
•    In some cases a minimum spend is required for the company to provide a bar service. In this case the minimum spend will be communicated and agreed with the client        in advance. 
•    If a minimum spend is required, the company will need to receive an additional £300.00 deposit towards this minimum spend. Once the total income from the function           meets the minimum spend the client will be refunded the £300.00 deposit. 
•    If the total income of the function does not meet the minimum spend, the client is required to make up the difference. This will include the £300.00 deposit. 
•    The following payment methods are accepted by the company: credit/ debit card, BACS, cheque and cash.
•    All invoices must be cleared prior to 14 days of the bar service taking place. 


Site Access

•    The client is required to ensure the company has access to the venue, marquee or private house at the agreed time, for the installation of the bar. You must inform us 14        days in advance if there are any restrictions to site access, such as time restrictions, parking restrictions or vehicle height restrictions.
•    We require vehicle access to the site as close as possible to where the bar needs to be installed. 
•    In most cases the bar installation will take place the day before your event. However, in circumstances where this is not possible, we will require access to the site 2              hours before the service begins, to allow time to set up. 
•    The client must also inform the company of any site obstacles/ restrictions, such a steps, narrow doorways and corridors. When transporting heavy bar equipment the         company needs ample room to manoeuvre these items. If this is the case we may need extra time on site to set up before service begins.  
•    If restrictions are not communicated with the company, this many delay the start of the service time. 
•    Sufficient electrical supplies must be provided and easily accessible. 
•    When the company is installing the bar the client is expected to be present to oversee the set up and give instructions on the bar positioning. If the client cannot be                  present for the setup, a fully detailed floor plan of the venue must be given to the company 14 days prior to delivery. In some cases a representative will visit the venue          prior to the bar service, to access the suitability of the site.  



•    The company must be the only supplier of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the client’s function. The guests are required to purchase all of their drinks from the bar        provided by the company. 
•    No additional drinks are permitted at the function for consumption and guests are not permitted to bring their own drinks.
•    Drinks on arrival, table wine, toast drinks and other organised drinks can be arranged by the client from a different supplier or by themselves. However, this must be             communicated with the company in writing when booking a bar service. 
•    Client arranged reception/ arrival drinks must be consumed during the pre-meal period only. 
•    Client arranged table wine and other table drinks must be consumed during the meal period only. 
•    Drinks packages, special orders or specific drinks requests can be arranged with the company, however these must be arranged prior to 14 days of the bar service.
•    Our all-inclusive bar service provides unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks within the agreed service times. This is for the consumption of individual drinks for            the agreed amount of guests. 
•    Standard all-inclusive bar services will only provide spirits as a single measure with a mixer.  
•    As a mobile bar service it is impossible to have an infinite supply of any drink. In some cases it is inevitable for the bar to run out of a drink if it has been very popular at          the function. However, we do try and supple a wide range of drinks to provide the guests with a good selection to choose an alternative.
•    We can never guarantee the availability of a particular drink advertised on our bar menu, unless paid for in advance as a specific drinks request. 
•    Our bar tariff is subject to price and product changes without notice. Prices may change from year to year depending on inflation. 
•    If in the unlikely event we are unable to operate a bar due to an issue that was miscommunicated from the client to the company, we will have to impose a charge, from       £1000, to cover our loses. 
•    The company does not tolerate any form of abuse whilst working and will report all incidents to the relevant authorities.  



•    We have full public liability and employee liability insurance, which can be viewed upon request.
•    The company is responsible for the operation of the clients bar, in accordance with the licensing act 2003.  This means that the premises used for the event, including            marquee or private house, will have been licensed to permit the retailing of alcohol for the duration of the event and the licensing law will be in operation. 
•    We will obtain a licence for the event and a copy will be available during the bar service. 
•    We operate a strict policy on underage drinking. We operate under the Challenge 25 guidelines. Where it appears to the person selling the alcohol that the customer may        be under the age of 25 years, they are required to ask them for identification to prove that they are over the age of 18 and can lawfully purchase alcohol.   
•    The company accepts the following forms of ID: Drivers Licence, passports or pass approved ID card. 
•    The company reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to a guest if they appear intoxicated or they are behaving is an abusive or threatening manner.   


Force Majeure

•    First Line Event Hire will make every effort to deliver orders. However, delivery is subject to cancellation by the company, consequent of unforeseeable circumstances            such as an act of God (flood, fire and other natural disasters), war, strikes, riots and lock-outs or other labour disturbances, restrictions on the use of transport, fuel or            power, shortage of equipment or transport or labour or any other cause beyond the control of the company.


•    If for any reason you have to cancel the bar service, we must receive this in writing, either by email or via post. 
•    The security deposit and any other payments are non-refundable if the bar service is cancelled.